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Pest filling machine:-

We offer a wide range of semi automatic paste filling machines that are manufactured from high grade raw material and are offered at market leading prices. Our range packs 100 ml to 5 ltrs on the same machine without any change parts. Semi automatic paste filling machines is a GMP standard machine for food and pharma products.


  • Optional kit for volumes less than 100 ml
  • Volume adjustments using a high-resolution hand wheel
  • Speed adjustment using a fine knob for optimum filling speeds
  • Height adjustment for different container heights
  • Shut-off nozzle for zero drip
  • Can handle products in hot condition with special heat resistant components
  • Optional stirrer in the hopper
  • >
  • Optional Jacketed hopper with heating arrangement and temperature controller for maintaining the temperature of the product

  • Accuracy: Up to +/-1% depending on the viscosity of the product

  • Power: 5 amps, 50 W. Air : 8cfm@6kg/sqcm

  • The products which can be filled include Creams, Lotions, Pre-cooked curries, Masala Pastes and pickles.
  • jar filling machine:-

    Filling Machine for Jars are recognized in the industry for their capability to efficiently handle the requirements of filling liquids in both low as well as high viscosities through volumetric filling. With the machines being tested on defined parameters that assures their compliance with defined industry laid norms as well as standards, these Jar Filling Machines can also be manufactured in adherence with defined functional standards and norms as required by the customers. Some areas these are used in include for filling detergent, paints, syrups, edible oil, lubricants and other similar products.


  • Highly functional range of filling machines for Jars

  • Machines operating interface designed to handle filling of jars in different capacities.

  • Machines designed to deliver Fully automatic as well as Semi Automatic operation support

  • Jar Filling Machines made available in capacities 5/10/20 Lts of Jar volume

  • Specifications:

    We hold expertise in offering automatic as well as semi automatic interface based machines that are able to handle different jar filling outputs. Made available with washing and rinsing support, these machines

    can deliver outputs of:

  • Filling output capacities of 60 Jars/Hr

  • Filling output capacities of 120 / 240 Jars/Hr

  • Filling output capacities of 350 / 500 Jars/Hr
  • Applications:
    Filling of Jars in different capacities

    Please Note:
    The information given herein is correct
    AGUAPURO, with their policy of continuous improvement of the product has rights to change given specifications without prior information
    For recent Technical specifications customers are advised to contact AGUAPURO head office

    Cup filling machine:-

    Cup Filling machine can fill varieties of ice cream such as plain or with ripple or with fruit by using required attachments, with using four optional ripple nozzles. Optional suitable conveyor is also available along with machine.
    All contact parts are of SS304 or food grade material.

    Output of the machine will be variable as under:-

    1,400 to 12,000 cups per hour of 50-ml or 100-ml Paper/Plastic Cup
    Minimum speed for 100 ml - 140 lit ice cream. Maximum 1200 lit ice cream
    Minimum speed for 50 ml - 70 lit ice cream. Maximum 600 lit ice cream
    Accuracy in filling: Depends upon continuous freezer output. If consistency will not be maintain problem occur in ice cream overrun, harness, temperature difference, then according to that variation take place in freezer’s flow. If these problem will not occur than accuracy will be ± 2%.
    Product contact surface will be SS 304.
    Filling plunger & filling nozzle will be food grade material.
    Controls: P.L.C. base control for all the functions.
    Machine Features: as per tender.
    Suitable to fill 5gm-1Kg.
    Rotary Machine with 8-Stational operation
    Automatic cup pickup from stacker hopper
    Automatic Single head timer based pump filler unit
    Single Head foil pick-up & Sealing unit with automatic ejection system
    1Hp Motor driven
    SS304/SS316 Contact Parts
    Power: 415V 3-Phase-50HZ, Heater: 600W
    Compact Model
    +1%filling accuracy

    Technical Data:-

    · Speed 15-30 Cups/Minute
    · Compressed Air 8 - 10 Nm³/h at 7 bar
    · Current 6,5 kW - 230/400 V
    · Frequency 50 Hz
    · System 4-line rotary


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